Scientiae 2014 : A blast from the past!

I have just returned from the Scientiae2014 conference in Vienna, and it was an absolute blast. An interdisciplinary gathering of Renaissance and Early Modern scholars, ranging from historians of science to art historians and from classically read papers to, let’s say, more spectacular performances, it was awesome. I met a number people in the flesh with whom I had hitherto only corresponded, and made some great new contacts.

Just some of my highlights:

Haileigh Robertson‘s (University of York) work on the usage of saltpetre:


Angus Vine (University of Stirling) on material aspects of Francis Bacon’s notebook:


Stephen Pumfrey (Lancaster University) on his pet object of study William Gilbert (no pic, I was too captivated)

Peter Forshaw (University of Amsterdam) on the theology of hermaphrodites and androgynes in alchemy (I know, I know…)

– … and the wonderful Adrian Seville on spiral race games in C17/18 France:


My own talk about Newton’s publication strategies and its implications for our publishing of Newton’s manuscripts was well received, providing me with much impetus and inspiration for the next couple of months.

Most praise should go however to the excellent organisation by Vittoria Feola & Steve Matthews (both below), James Fleming and James Lancaster. Thumbs up and see you next year in Toronto!



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